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The History of Kedesh House of Prayer Christian Church

In September 2000 a group of seven adults came together to pray concerning starting a church. Being led by the Holy Spirit, they felt that the answer was an astounding yes and with members placing their offering into Pastor’s shirt pocket, they prayed over him declaring him as their new Shepherd.

We knew that the name would be something “House of Prayer Christian Church” and one night while sleeping the Lord awakened Pastor Mullen with the name Kedesh. Pastor Mullen went and looked up the meaning of name and discovered that it meant Holy.Kedesh House of Prayer Christian Church

Kedesh was a city of refuge in the Old Testament a place where individuals who had done something wrong could go to and not be ridiculed but restored.

Pastor shared that name with the other initial members and they all were in agreement, so Kedesh House of Prayer Christian Church officially became the church’s name. A few days later on September 5, 2000 when Pastor and First Lady Mullen went to the bank to open an account with the money that was placed in the Pastor’s pocket the night he was prayed for, the church was started. The amount of the first offering was $601.00.

Next would come the planning of how we would pull off worshipping seeing that we didn’t have a building and the Pastor’s home owner’s association wouldn’t allowed you to have church service every Sunday in the houses.

We came up with the idea that we would worship in three different members houses rotating two weeks in each house. So we decided that on October 15, 2000, we would have our very first kick off service as Kedesh House of Prayer Christian Church in the family room of Pastor Mullen’s home. The very first sermon was on the Theme “Coming out of Egypt” with the topic of that sermon out of the series “The Road to Egypt”. We later had an official kick off service at 7:00 p m at the Open Bible Gospel Church. We would worship in the different homes for the next seven months and on the 27th of May, 2001, we moved into our first church building located on 1014 N. Carrollton Avenue in the Sandtown Winchester area of Baltimore.

Once we got into the building we immediately started our outreach programs, such as a pantry, school supply giveaway, 1st Saturday community cleanup from March thru October and others.

We also very quickly started to go out and attack the drug problems in the community, with Pastor Mullen getting a megaphone and preaching to them every time he saw someone out on the corner.

The interest that Kedesh showed in the community sparked several residents of the community to come and request that we would oversee several community projects which birthed the New Beginning group that consists of members of the community and Kedesh coming together to turn abandon lots into park like settings.

On January 2, 2009, Kedesh House of Prayer Christian Church finalized the purchase of our new building located at 2500 W. Lombard Street in the Shipley Hill area. We had our first worship service in the new building on January 4th.

To God be the Glory for the Great things He has done!

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